Difficulty in wearing latex is that it sticks to the skin and therefore the put or remove is often difficult.

Two solutions are possible:

- Talc: Dust with talc inside the garment to put on. In the case of a catsuit, do not hesitate to put a generous amount of talc to facilitate threading. Remove excess talc with a sponge and polish with silicone (vividress).

- Vivishine: Rinse the garment and dip a few minutes in a silicone bath (

Latex is fragile: take your time when you put it on, do not pull more than necessary. You should not never force more than you would do for a lace outfit ...


Washing latex :

Hand wash your latex in warm water with dishwashing liquid
It is not necessary to rub the latex, soak and shake it in the water is enough.


After your clothing is soaked, rinse inside and outside.

Drying :

To dry your clothes properly, let it dry on a plastic hanger and return it if necessary.

It is very important to dry your clothes away from sunlight (UV are fading latex) and protect it from excessive heat (no radiator!).

Once your garment is dry, apply talc on both sides.


Latex outfits must always be stored away from light (especially from the sun light) and in a dry place.

Ideally, latex clothing should be kept on a plastic hanger or flat folded. The holding must be talc applied on both sides before storage.

If you have several outfits, they should not be in contact with each other (otherwise you risk the colors bleed). I recommend using covers dyeing or large plastic bags to cover each hanger. If your clothes are stored flat, ziplock freezer bags style are perfect.

Finally, always check that no metal part (other than those forming part of the outfit) is in contact with the latex to avoid stains ...


The sun, excessive heat (over 40 ° C), humidity, prolonged baths, fatty products (oils, soaps, fats ...), solutions having a pH alkaline or acidic, metals such as copper, tin, silver ... (Metals discolor or stain the latex).

« I wish you lots of fun with your latex outfits »

Mademoiselle Ilo