To guide your choice, this board gives you the measures of the outfits to the breast, the waist and the hips. The given measures were taken flat on the desk, without stretching the outfits. Also, you should choose a size depending on the way you like to wear latex: very skin-tight, adjusted, or wider. To my mind, you should choose the closest size from your casual clothes for an esthetical and optimal comfort.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have doubts.

But you do not find exactly your size in this board? Example: you need XS for the breast but S for the waist and hips. No problem, I'll mix both sizes without supplement of cost. In this case, please order the outfit on size XS or S and indicate the modification to be made in the comments of the order. This offer is valid only for the sizes proposed in this board.

Finally, if this board does not correspond in any point to your measurements, or if you simply want me to realize the outfit to your measurements. For a supplement of 20 % on the actual price of the outfit, I will create a pattern to your measurements (during the order, please choose the "customized" option).

 Women sizes :

 Mittens sizes :

 Men sizes :




The latex used for the realization of the outfits comes from 4Drubber or from Radical Rubber. These two signs propose quality latex, which will offer a perfect glittering aspect once your outfit polished.

The majority of outfits are realized in 0,40 mm in thickness, excepted corsets, pants and some accessories.


Standards Colours


mademoiselle-ilo_tableau noeud standart ANG.jpg


Metallic and electric colours


mademoiselle-ilo_tableau noeud met ANG.jpg



Transparents colours


mademoiselle-ilo_tableau transparent1ANG.jpg

 mademoiselle-ilo_tableau transparent2ANG.jpg