Memories of the Nuit Demonia 2014

Published : 02/06/2015 11:21:54
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Memories of the Nuit Demonia 2014

On June 2014 the 14th, I was at the Nuit Démonia, the biggest fetish party in France ! More than 2.000 fetishists were presents !

During this night, I organized a catwalk of my last creations, based on the party's thema : Fetish Futur !

I also had an interview by Néphael for "Enquêtes très spéciales" , you can just see below :

Some pictures of my catwalk, many thanks to all my models : Aurore, Comtesse Léa, Déborah Sarura, Eléonore, Eros Noir, Hana Dyomène, Julie Von Trash, Kristelle, Mlle Must and Teklo !

Dress are made of metallic black and lime green latex ... Each model had black light torch to make green latex glowing in the dark ...

Thanks to Hannibal Poenaru for these pictures !

Next Nuit Démonia will be on June 2015, the 13th ! I'll be there ... but just for fun this time ! :-)

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