Latex Addict #4, on Saturday february the 3th

Published : 01/15/2018 18:43:41
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Latex Addict #4, on Saturday february the 3th






On Saturday February the 3rd will be the fourth edition of the Latex Addict party, organized by Mademoiselle Ilo.

The party will take place at the Chateau des Lys, 103 rue Marcadet, in the 18th district.

Le Chateau des Lys is a wonderful parisian club, in a "hôtel particulier" of the XIIIth century. It's an historical monument. On 3 levels, More than 500m² divided in alcôves, dancefloor and dungeon are avalaible to play :

During this party, differents shows will be proposed :

- Show by Laurie Dancer :

- Performance by Seiko Phoenix :

- Photos : Eskal Ton, HerV and Chino Konovalov are accredited photgraphers. They can take pictures of you only if you want ! 

- DJ set Freaky D

Entrance fee :

- Women only : guest

- Couples : 40 euros on presale, 60 euros at the door, with 2 drinks

- Men Only : 55 euros on presale, 75 euros at the door, with one drink

Presale are available at Mademoiselle Ilo's studio and at Demonia's shop.

Cloakroom : 5 euros by person

Drinks : 5 euros for soft drink (without alcool) or beer and 10 euros for alcools and champagne

Strict dress code : Cuir, vinyle, latex and really extraordinary looks !.

Direction of the club and organization can refuse entry for misbehaviour or not respect of the dress code..

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