Open doors at the studio

Published : 10/18/2020 09:35:29
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Open doors at the studio







Next open doors on Friday October the 30th and Saturday October the 31th 2020 !

On fridays and saturdays the doors of my workshop are open to the public from 15h until 18h30.
you'll get the chance to see and try on the outfit that are in stock,  but also have a look at the different latex colors, see through or smoky ones and order your outfits, whether standard or totally customized to your craziest cravings. It is also an opportunity to take your measurements to have a perfectly adjusted piece ...

The permanent stock contains from 70 to 80 pieces and these are constantly renewed, in sizing and colors...
You can find the outfits you have seen in the photos, during shows, catwalks ... You can also find them in the "In stock" section of my website

The workshop address is :

Mademoiselle Ilo
23, rue des Rigoles
75020 Paris

Nearest subway is Jourdain, on Line 11.

So feel free to stop by, I'm looking forward to seeing you in my workshop !

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